I’m not sure where you are in your internet journey tonight, but if you’ve landed on this beginning blog of mine I’m sure you’re a much more sophisticated crawler than me, considering I’ve dedicated about five hours just to understanding the whole successful blog launch thing. (Okay maybe about 2.5 hours of actual not cooking dinner or watching The Next Food Network Star time). It turns out preparing a blog is no easy task this decade, but I am determined to assume the task regardless.

I have to admit: It’s freaking nerve wracking writing the first post of something you’ve spent countless hours titling and un-titling in your head. Now that I’ve claimed this domain as my own, well my own partnership with WordPress, I feel I must wield it responsibly. After all, if some impressionable young blog maker like myself comes across me one day on her own quest to create a dynamite title, I don’t want her to be bitter about the waste of a good one. (It’s clear that I’ve spent way too much time processing this).

So, I’m using this Welcome as a pact with you, reader, as a witness. I pledge to consistently update this blog as much as possible so that I can begin to train my ideas, my writing, and myself to be as dynamic as this thing we call the internet. No ifs ands or buts.

Here goes….