IMG_0532To say that bread and the 21st century have not been the best of friends is an understatement. From Atkins to gluten, the few attempts to popularize the “French lifestyle” have not yet been enough to bring the boulangerie to the average suburban strip mall. 

When it comes to carbs, the modern customer wants either to indulge in outrageously gourmet cupcakes and farm fresh hand dipped ice cream or to power up with a paleo approved quinoa salad. Bread is just too much of a grey area for today’s well defined diets. It’s delicious, its filling, but its not metabolism boosting, muscle packing, or antioxidant bursting. So, we avoid it at all costs (excepting those rare cases where we convince ourselves to eat it because it’s “flat” and slathered with veggies and low-moisture cheese or a convincingly healthy brown like that bread from Cheesecake Factory) and condemn it as the evil of primitive diets of our civilization.

With this in mind, you can imagine my disappointment as I, an apologetically modern woman, I realized we were out of my Greek yogurt and granola and even bananas when I got back from my morning run. Aghast, I reluctantly approached the bread box, terrified of what pure white bagel or cinnamon swirl bread might be lurking inside.

Enter: Walnut Raisin Bread (WRB)

It’s a dark wheaty swirl with a hint of cinnamon on the inside, and thickish crunchy crusty on the outside. It’s sweeter than bread. It’s the decadence of cupcakes without the sugar coma superfluity of the frosting towers. It’s got way more proteiny nuts and mushy fruit bits than bread. It’s got a marble that rivals USDA Prime cuts. It’s more than bread. It’s like some new giant sliced biscotti. With coffee, it’s breakfast. With jam, it’s lunch! With soup, it’s dinner!

And yet bread it is. It’s new territory, kids. Throw your high maintenance diets aside and begin bringing bread back into your lives, one WRB slice (or two) at a time. With a fresh peach in one hand, and some WRB in the other, you’ll be amazed how different carbohydrates taste. 

Vive le pain!