The Beans

Once upon a time, somewhere deep in the North Chicago suburbs, a tall couple who had been married for nine years wished one last time to have a baby. To their surprise and delight, their wish was granted. They had a daughter.

The Beanstalk

Her first few inches were grown on lullabies, sung every night before she went to sleep, be it  heartily or hoarsely. Her next few inches were a reaction to the excitement of watching Gene Kelly challenging Judy Garland to dance in Summer Stock. Another few inches were merely a natural byproduct of standing on tip toes behind her father as he cooked the Christmas Aebleskiver. (A minor setback in inches came from too many hours spent crunched over puzzles and knitting projects.) A solid spurt added from the practicing posture in cello lessons. A couple of inches over here scurrying around library shelves looking for books, a couple of inches there zipping up dresses and putting on jeans in fitting room mirrors, one final spurt from a new exercise regimen, and voila! A bonafide six foot tall Beanstalk left suburbia and headed off to college to study English…

The Beauty

I’m Claire. This blog of mine is a tale of the hunt for the magic harps and golden geese of every day life. It’s a place for me to share the trials and tribulations of everyday living, amidst a firm belief that there are always treasures to be found. From seventy year old military jackets that fit so well it’s as if they were made for you, to successfully controlling knitting needles, to movies that make you cry for a not exactly identifiable reason, to just sticky enough rice, to the friends that always make you laugh, the world abounds with pockets of beauty. Thanks for letting me share some with you.

Poke around & make your own mark on B&B however you see fit…





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